In all of the questions below there is a picture of a hidden building. The picture has been divided into different parts, which you can open one after one, until you know the answer. Each part is marked with a number of points (depending on how revealing it is) and by opening it you loose those points. Or, in other words, you get the number of points yet unopened, when you know the answer.
If you had answered our exemple at this stage, there would have been 3 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 1 point left, you would have gained 11 points.
The numbers after the questions give the total number of points for the question - they are different, because some of the buildings are easier to recognize than others. The harder, the higher total points.

It is difficult to say anything about the result, because you have an enormous advantage if you live near one of the buildings, and so on. Quite generally speaking, though:
Getting more than two thirds of the total points is excellent.
Getting more than half of the total points is still very good.
Getting more than one third of the total points is good enough.
And, shouldn't you know the right answer, there isn't any harm done, nobody can have seen all the buildings there are.

1) In which European capital can you find this building? (30)

2) In which city are these buildings situated? (25)

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