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Below you will find the names of 20 authors from the 19th century. This is quite a lot, but it is necessary in order to avoid obvious combinations. Anyhow, I have been kind enough to throw in people like Dickens and Tolstoy.
Further down you'll find three columns, in the first of which there are their given names. In the second you can find their place of birth and in the third column there is the name of one of their works. Your quest is to find the right information from each column to every one of the authors. To make it easier there are letters to the left. Your answers should contain three letters each, read from left to right (because the right answers will be given that way)
An exemple? If Goethe had been one of them, the answer in his case could have been e. g. H - F - A. All set? Good luck! Oh, something else - there is no need to get all of the answers right, in order to reach a good result.

Here are the 20 authors in alphabetic order:
Almqvist, Austen, Dickens, Dumas, Fogazzaro, Fontane, Galt, Ibsen, Keller, Machado de Assis, Melville, Mérimée, Moore, Pérez Galdós, Pushkin, Schnitzler, Shelley, Tieck, Tolstoy, Twain

A Alexandr Berlin Anatol
B Alexandre Florida, Missouri Anna Karenina
C Antonio Irvine, Ayr County Carmen
D Arthur Las Palmas Christine
E Benito London Daniele Cortis
F Carl Jonas Love Mayo County David Copperfield
G Charles Moscow Don Casmuro
H George Neu Ruppin Effi Briest
I Gottfried New York Emma
J Henrik Paris Esther Waters
K Herman Portsmouth Eugene Onegin
L Jane Rio de Janeiro Frankenstein
M Joaquim Skien Huckleberry Finn
N John Steventon Lawrie Todd
O Leo Stockholm Maríanela
P Ludwig Vicenza Martin Salander
Q Mark Vienna Moby Dick
R Mary Villers-Cotterets Peer Gynt
S Prosper Yasnaya Polyana Sara Videbeck
T Theodor Zürich William Lovell

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