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Below you will find the names of 10 famous painters
Further down you'll find two columns, in the first of which there are the years of birth and death of one of the painters or his christian name. In the second you find a famous painting or the period, which is characteristic for a painter. Your quest is to find the right information from each column for every one of the painters. To make it easier there are numbers to the left. Your answers should contain two numbers each, read from left to right (because the right answers will be given that way)
All set? Good luck! Oh, something else - there is no need to get all of the answers right, in order to reach a good result.

Here are the 10 painters in alphabetic order:
Botticelli, Dalí, Degas, Goya, Klimt, Picasso, Rafael, Rubens, Turner, Warhol

0 1483 - 1520 Baroque
1 1746 - 1828 Impressionism
2 1862 - 1918 Romanticism
3 1881 - 1973 Surrealism
4 Andy The naked Maja
5 Edgar Guernica
6 Peter Paul The Kiss
7 Salvador Marylin (Monroe)
8 Sandro School in Athens
9 William The birth of Venus

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