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Below you will find the names of 10 Roman emperors. (Yes, I do know the arguments against Caesar, but let us continue, anyhow...) :-)
Further down you'll find three columns, in the first of which there are the years of birth and death of one of the emperors. In the second you can see a connected name and in the third column there are a variety of statements. Your quest is to find the right information to every one of the emperors from each column . To make it easier there are numbers to the left. Your answers should contain three numbers each, read from left to right (because the right answers will be given that way)
An example? If Tiberius had been one of them, the answer in his case could have been e. g. 7 - 0 - 4. All set? Good luck! Oh, something else - there is no need to know all answers, in order to reach a good result.

Here are the 10 emperors in alphabetic order:
Augustus, Caesar, Caracalla, Claudius, Galba, Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius, Nero, Trajan, Vespasian

0 100 BC - 44 BC son + successor: Commodus died in Cilicia
1 63 BC - 14 AD his predecessor was Nero started to build the Colosseum
2 10 BC - 54 AD Gaius Julius defensive wall
3 3 BC - 69 AD son of Agrippina repelled the Parthians in Syria
4 37 AD - 68 AD murdered by Macrinus "Veni, vidi, vici"
5 9 AD - 79 AD successor: Titus enormous baths in Rome
6 53 AD - 117 AD Marcus Ulpius Thrace, a.o. new provinces
7 76 AD - 138 AD 3rd wife's name: Messalina second triumvirate
8 121 AD - 180 AD Octavian wanted to see Rome in flames
9 186 AD - 217 AD Publius Aelius murdered on January 15th

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