Below there are 16 titles from movies. Who was the director? Which actors participated and in which year was the movie shown? Match the right names and the year with every title. This is difficult, although it is about rather well-known movies. But you don't have to get everything correct, to reach a good result.

All set? Good luck!

The titles: Casablanca - Rain Man - Gone with the Wind - The Ten Commandments - Doktor Shiwago - The Exorcist - Grease - The Godfather - Titanic - Jurassic Park - Forrest Gump - M*A*S*H - West Side Story - Amadeus - My Fair Lady - The Third Man

directed by: male actor: female actor: year:
Robert Altman F. Murray Abraham Anne Baxter    1939
James Cameron Richard Beymer Ingrid Bergman    1942
Francis Ford Coppola Humphrey Bogart Elizabeth Berridge    1949
George Cukor Marlon Brando Linda Blair    1956
Michael Curtiz Leonardo Di Caprio Julie Christie    1961
Cecil B DeMille Clark Gable Laura Dern    1964
Victor Fleming Tom Hanks Sally Field    1965
Milos Forman Rex Harrison Valeria Golino    1970
William Friedkin Charlton Heston Audrey Hepburn    1972
Randal Kleiser Dustin Hoffman Sally Kellerman    1973
David Lean Sam Neill Vivien Leigh    1978
Barry Levinson Omar Sharif Olivia Newton-John    1984
Carol Reed Donald Sutherland Talia Shire    1988
Steven Spielberg Max von Sydow Alida Valli    1993
Robert Wise John Travolta Kate Winslet    1994
Robert Zemeckis Orson Welles Natalie Wood    1997

Bernhard Kauntz, 2002

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