Your quest is simple: Choose three of the following countries (but not the one you are living in) and note the ten biggest cities on a piece of paper. (I know that things can change or be viewed from different angles, but my answers are taken from the UN statistics from the early 90's. Population is counted within the borders of the city, exept for Italy, where surroundings have been taken into the count.) If you know more than ten cities in a country, you have to decide, which ten you choose for your answer. Order doesn't matter, I mean, you don't have to sort them, neither do you have to give their names in their original language, even if the answers are given in that way. (Exept for Bulgaria and Ukraina, where I have used English spelling.)

Choose between the following countries: Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Ukraina, United Kingdom

Points are given on the answer-sheet, you will get 10 points for the biggest city in every country and then one point less for the next one, and so on. The following table of results is valid for (Western) Europeans. Participants from the rest of the world may add 75 points to their result. (Any European, who doesn't believe me, can try to find cities from Indonesia, Nigeria and Peru...)

Table of results:
156 - 165 points: Unbelievable. Even your guesses were right...
146 - 155 points: Great. There are not many people, who know this much about cities.
136 - 145 points: Very good. This is still an outstanding result.
120 - 135 points: Good. You have had a look around Europe - at least in the atlas.
102 - 119 points: Above average. There is nothing wrong with your knowledge about this matter.
081 - 101 points: Average. Most people know three, four cities in the major countries.
057 - 080 points: Well... But you probably can find your way home from downtown....
030 - 056 points: You might always wish for an atlas on your next birthday.
000 - 029 points: One should - at least - know the capitals of three countries.

If you think that this is too easy, you might set a timer. A total of five minutes, for all three of the chosen countries is quite tough. Good luck!

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