What do you know about personal relations? No, it isn't a test about your ability of living together, but your knowledge of the relations of other people. Who was the spouse, wife, lovemate or darling of whom?
We give you 10 questions, each divided into 3 parts. And we give you 6 answers. Make your choice and write down your answers. For every correct answer you get 1 point. If you answer correctly on all 3 parts of the same question you get 1 extrapoint, that is 4 points on that question.

All set? Good luck!

Question  1: Let's start a long time ago. Whom do you associate with those women?

A: Cleopatra           1: Alexander the Great
B: Roxane           2: Caesar
C: Xanthippa           3: Nero
            4: Perikles
            5: Plato
            6: Sokrates

Question  2: The marriages of actors don't last very long. Or is this only a prejudice? The question is: who with whom?

A: Liv Ullman           1: David Claessen
B: Nicole Kidman           2: David E. Kelly
C: Whoopi Goldberg           3: Don Gummer
            4: Donald Saunders
            5: Tom Cruise
            6: Warren Beaty

Question  3: We stay at the movies. Even directors have partners. Whom?

A: Ingmar Bergman           1: Ingrid von Rosen
B: Stanley Kubrick           2: Kate Capshaw
C: Steven Spielberg           3: Meryl Streep
            4: Michelle Pfeiffer
            5: Rita Wilson
            6: Ruth Sobotka

Question 4: In the music-industry there are relations as well ... Who with whom?

A: Benny Andersson (ABBA)           1: Madonna
B: Julio Iglesias           2: Isabel Preysler
C: John Lennon           3: Anni-Frid Lyngstad
            4: Yoko Ono
            5: Britney Spears
            6: Agnetha Fältskog

Question 5: Alma Maria Schindler had at least three relations. With whom of the following?

  1: Franz Kafka
  2: Gustav Klimt
  3: Oskar Kokoschka
  4: Gustav Mahler
  5: Johann Strauss
  6: Franz Werfel

Question 6: Sportsmen's relations: Who was the partner of whom?

A: Franz Beckenbauer           1: Corinna Betsch
B: David Beckham           2: Belinda Boyda
C: Muhammad Ali           3: Barbara Feltus
            4: Heidi Burmester
            5: Donna Summer
            6: Victoria Adams

Question 7: There are royal relations as well. Who with whom?

A: Edward VIII           1: Farah Diba
B: Juan Carlos           2: Sofia of Greece
C: Francis Joseph           3: Elisabeth Windsor
            4: Elisabeth of Bavaria
            5: Catharine the Great
            6: Wallis Simpson

Question 8: Henry VIII was really a naughty one. Which three women are part of his six marriages?

            1: Catherine of Aragon
            2: Kathryn Hamilton
            3: Elisabeth I
            4: Jane Seymour
            5: Anne Boleyn
            6: Mary Stuart

Question 9: Some heroines from our literature had male company. With whom were they together? But you must judge by their christian names only ...

A: Anna Karenina           1: Romeo
B: Scarlet O'Hara           2: Tristan
C: Thisbe           3: Pyramus
            4: Jean
            5: Rhett
            6: Alexej

Question 10: Finally some others. Who with whom?

A: Bertha Countess Kinsky of Wchinitz and Tettau           1: John Kennedy
B: Mary Countess Kinsky of Wchinitz and Tettau           2: Robert Kennedy
C: Jacqueline Bouvier           3: John Glenn
            4: Arthur von Suttner
            5: Hans Adam II von Liechtenstein
            6: Pierre Curie

Bernhard Kauntz, 2005

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