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Which year are we looking for?

In this short test you find ten questions, each one containing three historic events, which happened in the same year. You should know (or guess) the right answer. Every "bulls-eye" will give you 10 points, every year off target one point less.
Example: If the right answer is 1951, then you get 10 points answering correctly, 9 points for answering 1950 or 1952, 8 points for 1949 or 1953 and so on, down to 1 point for 1942 or 1960. Your margin is almost 2 decades, so you should be able to collect some points on every question.
I have tried to spread the events all over the world, so that nobody should have advantage of living in a certain place. Note your answers on a piece of paper and follow the link below to find the right answers, when you are finished.


1) The planet Pluto is discovered. Trotsky is expelled from the Sovjet Union. Germany's foreign minister, Streseman dies.
2) Che Guevara is killed. Biafra causes civil war in Nigeria. King Konstantin of Greece must go into exile.
3) Ceylon and Burma become souvereign nations. Ghandi is murdered. "1984", the book of George Orwell is published.
4) The spaceshuttle Colombia has its first lift-off. Southafrican soldiers enter Angola to fight the SWAPO. Wojciech Jaruzelski becomes prime minister in Poland.
5) The army grabs power in Brazil. Civil war in Kongo. Nehru dies.
6) W. Stern follows up the idea of measuring intelligence and presents the IQ. The US buys the islands St. Croix, St. Jan and St. Thomas from Denmark. The Philippines gain self-government.
7) John Dillinger is shot. Lazaro Cardenas becomes president in Mexico. The president of Germany, Hindenburg dies.
8) Josef Stalin dies. Hemingway publishes "The Old Man and the Sea". Sovjet soldiers suppress an uppheaval in East-Germany.
9) Mickey Mouse speaks on film the first time. Carol of Rumania dethrones his son and makes himself king. The airship "Graf Zeppelin" flies around the world.
10) Pablo Picasso dies. President Allende of Chile is killed. Great Britain, Ireland and Denmark become members of the EEC.
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