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Gulyas (Our recommendation)

You need: (serves for 6)
1 kg (2 lbs) beef
1 kg (2 lbs) onions
150 g (5 fl.oz) cooking oil
1 big clove of garlic
2 tbsp tomatoe-puree
1 tbsp powdered paprika (hot)
1 - 2 green pepper(s) (optional)
some beer

(Pronunciation: goolush, stressed on the first syllable)
I have had my doubts, if I should add this recipe, because the gulyas (originally a soup from Hungary) is made in neverending varieties and because it is not seen as a very "distinguished" dish. On the other hand it is one of my definite favorites, so that the above mentioned six portions often only serve for four. Here follows the recipe of our family.
It should be mentioned, that the gulyas ought to be served with white bread (and nothing else), which should be broken into the stew - whatever table manners might be broken as well, by doing this - to collect the sauce. Anyhow, one should NEVER spoil the taste of the gulyas with potatoes.

Slice the onions and fry them in very hot oil until they turn yellow. Then add the paprika-powder, stir it through and break the heat with a coffecup of water. Turn the stove onto small flames (about 1/3 of its maximum effect) and keep it there until the gulyas is ready.
Add the beef, cut into cubes in the size of an inch, salt after taste, add the garlic (which you have crushed with nothing else but a knife), a quarter teaspoon of marjoram and as much caraway. Now add the tomatoe-puree - and, if you like to taste the gulyas hot, even 1 - 2  green pepper(s).
Stew it now in its own sauce (don't cover entirely and stir through every five minutes), until the beef is ready. (That may take more than an hour, depending on which kind of beef you use.) Now add the beer (my father's speciality) or water, until the sauce and the beef are in level and let it boil slowly for another ten minutes.

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27.3.2000 by the "chef"