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Grandmother's cucumber salad

You need: (for 2 - 3 portions)
1 cucumber
2 garlic cloves

Peel the cucumber and cut it with a cucumber knife or a mandolin slicer into very thin slices. Don't forget to cut off the bitter part at the cucumber's thin end.
Spread out the cucumber slices on a big plate and salt them. Afterwards you heap the slices at one edge of the plate and put the plate aslant, so that the water can drain off. In the meantime you cut and crush the garlic (with a knife, don't use a garlic press!) and cut the parsley. When there is only a little water coming out of the cucumber, you spread the slices again and salt them generously once more. Thereafter you mix all together with the garlic and the parsley. Once again you heap the slices and let more water drain off. Before you serve you apportion the salad into bowls.

Quick version: instead of draining the cucumber thoroughly (which takes at least half an hour), my grandmother used a "cucumber cloth". She put everything into it, raised the corners, bound them together and squeezed the salad with her hands.

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10.1.2011 by the "chef"