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Noodle Soup with Eggs

You need: (for 4 portions)
1,5 l (3 pts) fonds blanc
80 g (3 oz) fine noodles
4 eggs
herbal spices (marjoram, rosemary, parsley, etc.)

Heat the fonds blanc until cooking. Add the (broken) noodles. Peck a small hole into both ends of the eggs and blow them slowly into the soup. (Of course you can drop them in after breaking them as well, but do be careful, so that you don't get too big lumps. Besides, in that case the kids won't have anything to play with...)
Add peppar after taste (do try a really spice version as well sometime) and vary the taste with the herbal spices. Find your own variations. Let the soup cook on low heat for two or three minutes.

If you enjoyed it, please tell your friends.
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23.6.1999 by the "chef"