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Polish Eggs

You need:
2 - 3 eggs/person
diluted vinegar

Actually, I don't have any idea, if this way of eating eggs is especially "Polish", I learned it many years ago during Eastertime in Germany. But the lady, who showed me, came from Poland. However - they taste great.
Boil the eggs really hard, at least 7 minutes. Serve them in their shells, together with the other ingredients. Then peel them and cut the egg carefully, so that the yoke is divided into two halves. (If you can't see the yoke, you can feel its position with your fingers, squeezing the egg slightly.) Remove the yoke from one half and fill the hole with the ingredients. Take more or less of each, depending on your personal taste. Put the yoke back on top and put the entire half into your mouth. You'll gape at the wonderful taste - but swallow the egg first... :-)

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5.5.2003 by the "chef"