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Salzburgian Dumpling

You need: (serves for 4)
1 tbsp flour
60 g (2 oz) butter
1 tbsp sugar
3 eggs
0.125 l (0.75 cup) milk
vanilla-flavoured sugar

Beat first the whites of the 3 eggs really hard and steady, that is very important! Mix the sugar into it at the same time. Take then half of the butter and quirl it together with the yokes until it becomes creamy. Mix now the cream with the egg whites and add the flour as well. Put the milk, the rest of the butter and some vanilla-flourished sugar into an oven-proof pan and boil it together. When boiling, add the rest and then put altogether 6 - 8 minutes into a hot oven. Cut out the dumpling and sprinkle more vanilla-flourished sugar on it. Serve as it is.

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6.2.2002 by the "chef"