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Tomato Soup Smirnoff

1/4 l strong fond blanc
400 g smashed tomatoes
(1/2 onion)
5 cl vodka (Smirnoff)
1/2 stem of leek

Cook a whole cube of fond blanc in 250 ml water and add the tomatoes. (You can take them out of a tin.) Depending on taste you can mix it with the very finely cut (or even smashed) onion. Season with basil and oregano and let alltogether cook on a small flame for ten to fifteen minutes. Cut the stem of leek along its long side and peel one or two layers for each portion. Now you pour the vodka into the soup and stir quickly once more. Serve the soup already on a plate, after having decorated with some chopped parsley, the croutons and the leek. (See photo)

The somewhat sour taste of the tomatoes is rounded off perfectly by the vodka.

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11.10.2009 by the "chef"