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Viennese Schnitzel

You need: (serves about 4)
800 g (nearly 2 lb) veal
4 eggs
cooking oil

Cut the veal into at least fingerthick fillets, so they can be pounded well. Then dip both sides into the flour. Blend the eggs with one tbsp oil and some salt and pull the fillets through. Lay them finally into the bread-crumbs, which should cover all meat - but do not press the bread-crumbs on it with your fingers, or they will become hard when frying. Fry in - not to much - oil on middle heat for 5 minutes on each side.

Serve the Schnitzels only with salad, preferably potato-salad. You don't ever serve them with cooked vegetables or even sauces! Our "chef" is from Vienna and he has lots of bad experience of what is being served as Viennese Schnitzel around the world.

If you enjoyed the meal, please tell your friends.
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5.10.1995 by the "chef"