by Bernhard Kauntz

In spite of the debate concerning porn and immorality on the net and in spite of feminist grrrl-ings, I have decided to put these paintings online. Personally, I can't see any immorality in a nude body - on the contrary, I find those forms to be very aesthetic. Neither do I feel very macho, just because I have painted "it is served" - I prefer to look at it as an accumulation of "the blessings of life", which are enjoyed far better with a smile than with anger.
I have tried to put more into every picture than only a body. If you understand why I have chosen the specific title for each of the paintings, I have achieved my goal.

Click on any image to see it in a larger version.

Colourfulness Staircase to Heaven Meditation
Chinese Girl It is served! Triangular Connections
Peeping Tom Longing Dancer

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