Ingeborg Machacek shows

Manifolded Subjects

Ingeborg Machacek, from Strasshof near Vienna, has studied to become a drawing-teacher. She intensified her painting with acryllic colours relatively late, but her fantasy gives her a big potential for production.
I am fascinated by her - in every way - broad spectrum. Seen from the point of her subjects, there are lots of variations, from poppies over nudes to landscape-paintings. But also concerning performance Ingeborg Machacek is very many-sided. There are pictures, which with their blurred light remind of William Turner, some of Pollock - with their dripping paint, whereas others must be classified as collage, because it is very possible, that she might use a stone or a piece of a brassiere in her work.

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Love Venice 1 In the sunshine
Wine-cellar road Poppy Venice 2

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