Peter Paul Rubens

It is difficult to use a digital camera for making photos of large paintings, as they won't be sharp enough. Still, I hope, that my selection can give a small overview of Ruben's splendid work.
Consciously I have chosen not to show any religious work, because my opinion is, that those paintings were just contracts, made due to the time in which he was living, whereas the real production of this intellectual bon vivant is about quite different topics.

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The union of earth and water
The four parts of the world
Study of an old man
Decius Mus consecrates himself to Death
The hunt of Meleagros and Atalante
Zeus and Hermes at Philemon's and Baucis'
Boreas robs Ortygia
The fight for the banner
Holy Theresa of Avila

Important facts from the artists life:

June 28th, 1577: Born in Siegen, Westfalen, Germany
1578: The Family moves to Cologne
1587: Death of his father, his mother returns to Antwerp
1600 - 1608: Stay in Italy - Painter of the Court of Mantua
1608: Death of his mother. Rubens returns to Flanders. Establishment of a workshop
1609: Marriage with Isabella Brant
1622: Publishing of a book: "The Palazzi of Genoa"
1626: Death of Isabella Brant due to the pest
1627: Visit at the Spanish Court, whom he works for as a diplomat (agent)
1630: Marriage with Helene Fourment
1635: Purchase of a manor. Lives as "Herr von Steen" as an independet gentleman
May 30th, 1640: Dies in Antwerp

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