Salvador Dali's jewellery

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The Light of Christ
The Chalice of Life
The Royal Heart
Swan Lake
The Space Elephant
Dolphins and Mermaids
Necklace with Entwined Limbs
The Spider of the Night
The Falling Angel

Dalí about his jewellery:

"My jewellery wants to protest against the importance, that is due to the materialistic price of it. My intention is to value the art of the jeweller in itself."

"In jewellery, as in all others of my activities of art, I design what I love most."

"I see the human form in the trees, the leaves, the animals, and the animalistic and the herbal in humanity."

"In a historical view my jewellery shall show, that wonderful designed objects of pure beauty, however of no avail, were appreciated even in a time, in which availability and the material were valued most."

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