Sketches from a Heurigen in Vienna
by Aaron Krolikowski

The pages about the Heuriger I made many years ago. The other day I got a mail from Aaron:
"I visited a Heuriger in Vienna, Austria. I sketched the business for a few days. You can check out the sketches at You can use these images on your website - just give me credit or a link."

Just like that. Well, friend, I'll use them with pleasure - not only because they are nice work, but also in order to show how the web can support co-operation to the best of the readers. Maybe this was, what the web was meant for, before commerce spread its ugly tentacles into every corner of it. Thank you, Aaron.

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A party inside
The tables outside
Having a smoke and a glass
Besides the wine
Inside a family talks in whispers
An older couple getting a little drunk

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