Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

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Young lady at the boudoir
View of the Dachstein and Lake Hallstatt
from the Hütteneckalpe near Ischl (1838)
Girl in a satin dress
Johann Jakob Schwartz
von Mohrenstern (1837)
The neighbours (1859)
Josefine Schwartz
von Mohrenstern (1837)
Aloisia Eltz on an armchair (1834)
The violet pickers (1858)
Sycamore trees near Ischl (1831)

Important facts from the artists life:

Jan. 15th, 1793: born in Vienna
1806: death of father
1807: starts studying at the Akademie der bildenden Künste in Vienna, against the wish of his mother
1811-1816: drawing teacher in Agram (Zagreb)
Oct. 3rd, 1814: married to Katharina Weidner, they have three children
1817: move to Vienna
Nov. 8th, 1822: divorce
from 1825: many travels abroad, Northern Italy, Dresden, Paris, Sicily
1829: first curator of the collection of paintings at the Akademie der bildenden Künste in Vienna
from 1830: spends every summer a couple of weeks in the Salzkammergut in Austria
1833: reconciliation with Katharina and annulation of the divorce
1834: new separation from Katharina
1835: appointment to regular academic counsellor, advocate of studies of nature, long before Cezanne and even longer before the Impressionists (!)
from 1845: conflicts within the academy
1849: death of mother
1850: death of ex-wife Katharina
1851: marries the 25 year old Anna Bayer - his private lessons flourish
1855: participates in the Worldexhibition in Paris, all pieces are sold
1856: presents 34 paintings to the royal couple of England. Queen Viktoria buys two, the rest is sold at auction
1857: suspended from office
1863: recieves the Knight's Cross of the Francis-Joseph-Orden
Aug. 23rd, 1865: dies in Hinterbrühl, near Vienna

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