Bernardo Bellotto

Bellotto's talent was detected by his uncle, Giovanni Antonia Canal. The family "Canal" had been called Canaletto since a long time back and Bernardo took this name himself later on. He is mainly known for his vedute, apart from those of Italian cities, even those of Dreden, Vienna and Warsaw. The series of Vienna, which he painted for the Emperor's Court, consists of 13 pictures.
All of those paintings were produced between 1759 and 1761.

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Freyung from the Northwest
Freyung from the Southeast
Lobkowitz Square
The Dominican Church
Vienna, seen from the Belvedere
The Castle of Schönbrunn

Important facts from the artists life:

About 1721/22: Born in Venice
1736: Starts participating in the workshop of his uncle
1738: Member of the painters' guild
1741: Journey through Italy together with his uncle
5. November 1741: Married to Maria Elisabetta Pizzomo
1742: First journey alone - to Rome
from about 1745: Starts signing with the name of Canaletto
1747: Emigration to Dresden, where he becomes a painter of the Court
1756: The Seven Years' War starts. Prussia occupies Saxony, only scarce orders
Jšnner 1759: Arrival in Vienna
1760: His house and many pieces of art are destroyed in the war
1761: Journey to Munich, afterwards back to Dresden
ab 1764: Working in Warsaw
17. Oktober 1780: Dies in Warsaw

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