Pieter Brueghel (the Elder)

The Museum of Fine Art in Vienna owns the world's biggest collection of paintings of Pieter Brueghel the Elder. A big part of them comes from the collection of Emperor Rudolf II. Brueghel is probably best known for his presentations of Flemish everyday life (Peasants' Marriage, Children's Games). But even his Cycle of the Seasons (Hunters in the Snow - winter, The Herd Returns - autum) and his religious paintings (Building the Babylonian Tower, Christ Carrying the Cross) shouldn't be forgotten.

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Peasants' Marriage
Murder of the Children in Bethlehem
Hunters in the Snow
The Herd Returns
Children's Games
Battle Between Carnival and Lent
Building the Babylonian Tower
The Conversion of Paul
Christ Carrying the Cross

Important facts from the artists life:

About 1526/1530: Probably born in Breda
1551: Master craftsman in Antwerp, at the workshop of Pieter Coecke van Aelst
1552-1555: Journey in Italy
1559: Changes his name from Brueghel to Bruegel
Juli 1563: Married to Mayken Coecke in Brussels
1564: His son Pieter the Younger is born
1568: His son Jan is born
September 5th, 1569: Dies in Brussels

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