Raphael's paintings of Our Lady

A cherished child has many names. So even Raphael, who in Wikipedia is given as Raphael in English, as Raffael in German and Italian among other languages and as Rafael in others still. Also his last name is different. He is called Santi or Sanzio and sometimes da Urbino, after the city, where he was born. He was a painter and an architect, but probably he got most famous by his paintings of Our Lady.

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Madonna del Divino Amore Madonna with a Diadem Madonna dell'Impannata
Holy Family with a Lamb Colonna Madonna Madonna Aldobrandini

Important facts from the artists life:

1483: Born in Urbino
1491: Death of his mother, Magia Ciarla
1494: Death of his father, Giovanni Santi
after this: Scholar at Pietro Vanucci
1504: Our Lady's marriage, for the church San Francesco in Città di Castello
1504 und 1506: Journey to Florence, inspired by Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci
1508 bis 1517: Lived in Rome, got assignments by the Pope, e.g. mural paintings in the Vatican Palace
1514: Master builder at St. Peter
6. April 1520: Died in Rome, buried in the Pantheon

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