Choose three cities and answer the questions. There are 10 questions on each of them. The number of points you get is equal to the question-number, which means that a right answer on question 1 gives you 1 point, question 2 gives 2 points, and so on.
If you live in the city, you are to deduct 36 points.
If you live in the same country, deduct 24 points.
If you have visited the city as a tourist, deduct 12 points.

Result (total for 3 cities):
If you get more than 100 points: Your international knowledge is excellent.
If you get between 76 - 100 points: A very good result.
If you get between 51 - 75 points: You manage quite well in international matters.
If you get between 31 - 50 points: Your result is better than average.
If you get between 16 - 30 points: Acceptable. Just average, though.
If you get less than 16 points: You should look for some new horizons.

London Brussels Berlin Helsinki
Paris Prague Vienna  
Barcelona Venice Athens Stockholm

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