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are these cities?

In this short test you find the names of ten cities. You shall locate them, by giving their latitude and longitude. They are spread out all over the world, so even if you should be living in or near one of them, you won't have too much advantage.
Scoring: You get 10 points if you can locate a city on its right latitude, and one point less for every degree off-target. There are twice as many meridians for longitude, but you get still only 10 for the right answer, because you can take help of the time-zones. (If you know them, that is, you are of course not allowed to look them up!). And, as before, one point less for every degree off-target. It is sufficient to note the degrees only, because the answers will be rounded off to the nearest degree, but don't forget to note down if you mean southern or northern latitude, and of course east or west of Greenwich as well.
Example: The city of Rome is situated 42 degrees north and 12 degrees east. If your answer should be 38 N and 15 E, you would score 6 points on latitude and 7 points on longitude.
Note your answers on a piece of paper and follow the link below to the answer-sheet, when you are finished.

Ready? Here they come in alphabetical order. Good luck.

Beijing (China)

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Kairo (Egypt)

London (UK)

Nairobi (Kenya)

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

San Francisco (US)

Sydney (Australia)

Tokyo (Japan)

Toronto (Canada)

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