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In which decade did it happen?

In this short test you find ten questions, each one containing three historic events, which happened in the same decade, but not necessarily in the same year. You should know (or guess) the right decade. Every right answer will give you 10 points, every decade off target one point less.
Example: If the right answer is 1840's, then you get 10 points answering correctly, 9 points for answering 1830's or 1850's, 8 points for 1820's or 1860's and so on, down to 1 point for 1750's or 1930's. Your margin is almost 200 years, so you should be able to collect some points on every question.
I have tried to spread the events all over the world, so that nobody should have advantage of living in a certain place. Note your answers on a piece of paper and follow the link below to find the right answers, when you are finished.


1) James Cook goes ashore in Australia and claims the land for England. Schools for girls as well as for boys, with government-paid teachers, start in all countries belonging to the house of Habsburg. In this decade the Boston Tea-Party happens.
2) Edward Parry tries to reach the Northpole, but the expedition fails after having come to the 82nd latitude. The government under "emperor" Augustin is overthrown in Mexico, and general Guadalupe Victoria becomes president in the new republic. Laos is captured by Siam.
3) Japan annexes Korea. New Mexico and Arizona enter the United States of America. Ståhlberg becomes the first president of the Finnish Republic.
4) Gold is found in the provinces of Otago and Westland in New Zealand, which during this decade triples the number of whites living there. Otto von Bismarck becomes prime minister in Prussia. Iemochi dies young and Tokugawa Yoshinobu becomes shogun in Japan.
5) Sigismund becomes king of Sweden. A certain Shakespeare writes "Richard III". England and France recognize the Netherlands as a sovereign country.
6) Victor Paz Estenssoro becomes president in Bolivia after a revolution. Hemingway gets the Nobel Prize. The mau-mau uppheaval in Kenya.
7) The astronomer Halley predicts the orbit of the comet named after him. Pedro II becomes king of Portugal after his brother Alfons VI. China opens its harbours to all nations.
8) Stanley meets Livingstone in Africa. The German Socialist Party is founded. Upheaval of the Zulu under Cetywayo against the British.
9) Russia makes peace with Turkey in Jassy. Haydn becomes Beethovens music teacher. John Hunter becomes governor in Australia.
10) Peter II of Russia dies, Anna Ivanovna gets the crown. James Oglethorpe founds Georgia as a British colony. Kien-lung (or Kao Tsung) becomes emperor of China and will be so for 60 years.
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