Where is Västerås and how do you get there?

The city of Västerås is the governmental seat of the county of Västmanlands län. With its about 125.000 inhabitants it has a given place among the top 10 cities of Sweden.
Situated at the lake Mälaren, at the road "E 18", with an airport and being a railway junction, you can reach Västerås by any means of communication.
Distances to some neighbouring cities: Stockholm (eastwards over Enköping) 120 km, Örebro (to the west over Köping, Arboga) 90 km, Eskilstuna (to the south) 50 km och Sala (northwards) 40 km.

In the vicinity

Anundshög: Just on the outskirts of the city you find Anundshög, an interesting burial mound, left by the Vikings. There are five stone settings on the burial grounds and a nearly millennium-old runic stone, saying: "Folkvid raised all these stones in honour of his son, Heden, the brother of Anund. Vred carved the runes."

Birka: Birka is an old town from the days of the Vikings, not far from Stockholm. In little more than two hours you can get there by boat from Västerås and have a look at the excavations.

Björnön: is an area near to nature, beaches and sporting activities in the southeastern parts of the city.

Dingtuna kyrka: Just outside of the city's boundaries you find Dingtuna and its church with original 15th century wallpaintings.

Elba: A little islet in the lake Mälaren, just outside the harbour of Västerås. On summer evenings ferries frequently drive across, to take visitors to the dancing at the restaurant on the island.

Engsö slott: The castle and the church are located about 25 km to the east of Västerås. There is an air of mysticism and superstition attached to the castle, the "devils necklace" is one of the items. Beautiful surroundings invite to strolls.

Strömsholms slott: A Royal 17th century castle, today used as a museum, mainly for a collection of the paintings by Ehrenstrahl. About 20 km southwest of Västerås.

Tidö slott: You can find the best preserved 17th century castle of Sweden about 13 km south of Västerås. Axel Oxenstierna started building it in 1625. Do not forget to visit the toy museum within the castle!

Gripsholms slott: A little farther away, about 100 km southeast of Västerås, but the Royal castle from the 16th century and not at least the Swedish National Portrait-collection make it well worth a visit.

Sala Silvergruva: 40 km to the north of Västerås you can visit the town of Sala - but just before entering the town, have a look at the silvermine. It is shut down nowadays, but guided tours still take you down to the pits.

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