Welcome to Västerås, the city on lake Mälaren.
If you plan to visit Västerås you will find useful information on these pages. We wish you a pleasant time here - online as well as in reality.

Where to find Västerås

Sights within the city

Important telephone numbers

To stay overnight

Vallby open-air museum
Anundshög, a burial-ground of the Vikings
Djäkneberget, a park and an outlook
Björnön, beaches, sport and nature
Västerås in the Stone Age, excavations in Eriksborg
In pursuit of ancient artifacts in Vångsta
Sculptures in Västerås, part 1 and part 2
A biking experiment in the surroundings of Västerås
Natural Beauty in and around Västerås - A slide show
The Church of Dingtuna, wallpaintings from the 15th century

Within reach from Västerås:
The Castle of Gripsholm, with the National Portrait Gallery
The Castle of Strömsholm
The Castle of Tidö
The Toy Museum at the Castle of Tidö
The Silvermine in Sala

Presenting Västerås - Inhabitants talking about their city.

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