Bike View Around Västerås - Live Experiment

When I lived abroad during the last six years there were many people asking about what it was like to be living in Västerås. So last week an idea was born. I would make a live experiment with my bike. I would show pictures, but not the postcard-photos you get everywhere. I shouldn't be too involved in taking the pictures. What I wanted to show, should be more randomly chosen. So I set up a couple of premises:
I would stop sharp exactly every kilometer and from that spot I would take a picture of my choice. But I would also take a picture in an angle, as close as possible to 90 degrees of the first one. I would not zoom and not tamper with the photos afterwards, so that people could see exactly, what I saw. All pictures would be taken in landscape-format, as not to be able to cheat that way either.

It felt rather exiting to look forward to the outcome. And, while doing it, it was very much fun, so I decided to go ahead with it.

Below you find a map of Västerås, with the different tours marked.

First tour (blue marks)
Second tour (red marks)
Third tour (light green marks)
Fourth tour (magenta marks)
Fifth tour (orange marks)

Bernhard Kauntz, Västerås 2014

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