The two magnificent Museums on the Ringstraße

There are, of course, a lot of different museums in a big city like Vienna, but there are two outstanding ones, The Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Fine Art. Both are situated on the Ringstraße, in front of the entrance to the Castle. They are built symmetrically, facing each other, with a park between them, in the centre of which the statue of Maria Theresia rises. The museums were built in the second half of the 19th century and the architects were Carl Hasenauer and Gottfried Semper.
The buildings are worth admiration on their own, they are beautifully conceived with ornaments and statues on the outside, the central cupolas rising to a height of 65 meters and each building measuring 170 by 70 meters.
The ornamentation and the paintings inside are no less worth mentioning, but one tends to forget to look at them because of the overwhelming plentiness of the exhibited objects.
Space has become a problem a long time ago, but now finally a solution has been found. A large quarter, immediately behind the museums, is rebuilt today, giving the possibility of spreading the artifacts. This project will be completed throughout the next couple of years.

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