on the blue Danube, the City of my Dreams

The aim of these pages is to give you some impressions, which you probably won't find anywhere else.


St. Charles
A wonderful baroque church, built by the great architect Fischer von Erlach.
Memorials in Vienna
A personal selection of late celebrities.
The Ring
A jewel among the streets of the world.
Belvedere Castle
The summer-residence of Eugen von Savoyen, the conqueror of the Turks
Schönbrunn - not only a palace
And an explanation to why everything is beautiful in Vienna. ;-)
The Prater
A very different amusement park.

In the centre (old town):

The Capuchin vault
Burial place of the Austrian Emperors
The Prunksaal (Ceremonial Room) of the Austrian National Library
A must for bibliophiles, a sight for everybody
The square "Am Hof"
Once the very center of the city
St. Peter's church
With ancestors from Roman times
To the Golden Dragon
A restaurant with history

In the districts:

The districts (Bezirke) of Vienna - an overview
Location and names of the districts - a quick orientation
Vienna 2., Prater Hauptallee
Thoughts during a stroll
Vienna 6., Mariahilfer Strasse
A traditional shopping street
Vienna 7., The Spittelberg
An old quarter of culture and pleasure
Vienna 14., Otto Wagner's mansion
Today the museum of Ernst Fuchs


The two magnificent museums on the Ringstraße
      The Museum of Natural History
      The Museum of Fine Art
A somewhat different museum - The Imperial Furniture Collection
An elegant exhibition, known by almost nobody.
The Villa Hermes
An imperial retreat from the 19th century.
The Fantasm-Museum
Works by the Viennese School of Fantastic Realism

About Vienna:

Vienna is different
The tourist-info claims this. Is it true?
Heuriger: Wine-culture in Vienna
It must be difficult to find something more typical for Vienna.
Coffee in Vienna
Vienna and its cafés are well-known worldwide. Here you can see how it all started.
Wiener Schnitzel
How is it really done?

The vicinity of Vienna:

Klosterneuburg monastery
A tiny part of Austrian history
- The Verdun Altar
The Legend of the Veil

Kreuzenstein Castle
A treasury over bygone centuries
Laxenburg Castle
Not only one, but three castles
The Monastery of Melk
An important place of early Austrian history

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